Cultural Awareness Training

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness

A Catch N Cook cultural awareness Tour can be tailored for your staff.
The Tour is run at La Perouse, with a learn by immersion principle and we pride ourselves on offering a fun way for your staff to learn about Aboriginal culture in Sydney.

Aims of the cultural awareness Tour include:

  • improve staff awareness of the richness of Aboriginal people and Cultural heritage, with a specific focus on a local Sydney community;
  • counter and demystify stereotyping;
  • improve staff understanding of the significance of cultural diversity and on the connection to “place”;
  • focus staff attention on improving the delivery of programs and services to Indigenous communities;
  • provide opportunities for non- Indigenous staff to contribute better to your company’s Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

We can also cater for office parties or team-building days, depending on the needs of your organisation

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