Blak Markets –

The Blak markets and Aboriginal workshops and tours is being run by First Hand Solutions Aboriginal Corporation to raise money for its Aboriginal community programs for youth at risk.

There’s 2 ways you can join us to launch First Hand markets, tours and workshops – Pay $2.50 entry fee onto the Island and come along and enjoy our Blak markets and bush tucker food or a cup of good coffee and authentic Aboriginal product, song and dance.

Blak markets details and dates

Entry price onto Bare Island, whi!blak-markets/c1bfoch is usually only open for tours, is $250.

Blak Markets

The Markets is all about re-capturing the La Perouse of yesteryears where thousands of people would flock to the Loop at La Perouse for an Aboriginal experience. The blak markets now runs quarterly at Bare Island La Perouse -the next dates on Bare Island being Sunday September 4 and December 4. We also run the Blak markets at other locations.  Check out the latest details on