Social enterprise coming to Catch N Cook soon

For many years Catch N Cook tour operator, Aboriginal man Peter Cooley, ran Aboriginal cultural programs for his own community as he saw the need for many young Aboriginal people to reconnect with their culture, especially young Aboriginal children in statuatory care (that’s one in 3 Aboriginal children), and urban Aboriginal communities, where connection to culture had been eroded.

He also saw the need to re-establish the respect between the generations so that the young once again had respect for their elder, based on the education that the elders could provide them. In modern day Australia, this had largely eroded as the elders knowledge in urban communities is not seen as key to survival.

Peter saw tourism as way of adding value to the elder’s knowledge, as young Aboriginal people would need to return to their elders to learn about traditional culture. And there is also a sense of urgency to this learning, as Aboriginal elders are dying at a rapid rate, with many not having the opportunity to pass their knowledge on to the younger generation.

We’re working towards building a social enterprise to get tourism going, and so adding value to elders knowledge. This social enterprise is part of a newly formed Aboriginal corporation with DGR status called First Hand Solutions.

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