Blak Market Day and Aboriginal tours and workshops

The Blak markets run the first Sunday of every month (except January)

Featuring the popular local Aborignal workshops in spearmaking and weaving as well as Catch N Cook tours which include bush tucker plants and fishing for the kids.

The Blalkmarkets and tours are being held by First Hand to raise money for its Aboriginal community programs for youth at risk.

Director of First Hand Solutions, Peter Cooley explains:

“With the passing of elders, Aboriginal culture is vanishing at an alarming rate. Knowledge, skills and experience accumulated over thousands of years is disappearing due to a breakdown in communication between generations. Aboriginal youth in turn, are becoming dispossessed from their cultural identity and confused about their position in society, leading to an array of social problems including one of the highest rates of suicide in the world for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander youth – who are also 19 times more likely to be detained in a juvenile facility. This enterprise will not only reinvigorate the Aboriginal experience of a visit to La Perouse, but also assist the transfer of knowledge between the generations.”

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